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Wednesday 12 February 6.30-8.30 pm
Parliament Square, London

Valentine’s Day is the next date in the annual round of traditional celebrations and marketing hype designed to make us feed our toxic consumer culture. Instead of buying dead flowers flown in for the occasion or more stuff we neither want nor need…why not give the whole thing an Extinction Rebellion twist.

If you love the planet…sing about it! We’re protesting cheerfully with songs of love and rage. It would be great if you could join us.

18 well-known songs have been given an eco spin. The new lyrics reflect our love for the planet and all life, and our rage at the failure to take action on the climate emergency. They also contain Extinction Rebellion’s three core demands…tell the truth, act now and move beyond politics.

We’ll be singing at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 12 February in Parliament Square to raise awareness that change has to happen NOW.

Lyrics can be downloaded to your phone from

We’ll be inviting MPs to hear the message that there’s no time to lose…this is an emergency. Sideshows like Brexit and party politics have hogged the limelight for long enough. It’s time to put the climate emergency at the top of the agenda.

This type of event is a good opportunity to involve those who support Extinction Rebellion but have not yet taken action. Bring lovers, friends, family, colleagues and community groups. Bring signs, candles in glass jars and home made hearts…use your imagination.

Come and share your love and rage.